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Welcome to Dot Net! is now up.  We have set up pInterest boards on entertainment, family, real estate and politics:

pInterest - EntertainmentWatch

pInterest - FamilySource

pInterest - Politicalchat

pInterest - PropertyPlace

Send us your favorite content on these topics and “pIn” us :-)

Our favorite political show now playing? Check out “the Five”, daily 5 pm EST; 2 pm PST

Our new slogan is "Family, Friends, Faith and Fun", reflecting our core values and belief that one's favorite website isn't just a standalone, flat, emotionless online "newspaper", but a place that folks become attached too, with content, friends, fans and services that we connect with. We hope you feel that ambiance here and let us know if anything is missing... we'll work to ensure Dot Net sites become the ones you want to visit over and over again!


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